Storytelling through illustration

In a world where you can be anything you want to be, how on earth do you brand a food truck that is unforgettable, differentiated, and one that captures your customer's stomach in one fell swoop.

Introducing the psychedelic schnitzel that crumbs (not a typo) to you.

The brand needed to stand out from its ever-growing competition through every little touchpoint - from the name, to brand story, to visual language and all its comms.

We gave him a personality - coming from a noble lineage of schnitzel greats and now making his way to Melbourne with his crew of humble crumbles in a rolling kitchen as Von Crumb Schnitzel Haus. We then used illustration to communicate Mr. Crumb's story cleverly and distinctly. Easily recognisable, humourous, and evocative of its brand essence – “A schnitzophrenic world”.

The result communicates an engaging and schnitzophrenic world, that people connect with and that ultimately helps drive sales.

Could you possibly utilise illustration in your brand? Let us show you how.