Nielsen Properties

Just experts

What they needed

Born out of a desire to create a truly boutique agency, unlike the franchise agency model they had come from. The "big agency" offering was focused on quantity over quality, numbers before service, and unaligned to the free-spirited location they were selling. The missed opportunity to create a truly customer-centric brand was a problem they could no longer ignore.

What we did

Brand strategy, brand story, tone of voice, identity, art direction, branded collateral, website, social media strategy, book design

How we did it

Research revealed some welcome truths from their highly affluent clientele — personalised, bespoke, a VIP-style introduction to Ibiza, knowing the who's who, the whats', and wheres' are what make Nielsen their first choice. To encapsulate this we developed the brand identity to be more than transactions and beaches, but one that celebrates a spiritual history, island legacies, storytelling, and community. The brand essence — "First name basis" — captures the emotional and rational needs presented in an authentic, warm, friendly yet premium way.

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